Friday, 28 November 2014

Here I am ready to start off my first post on Typed Out. So hey! My name is Claire, I love lots of little things that I'm sure you will see on this blog. Here I will post things on the subjects of Lifestyle, Art, Crafts, Tips and Advice. Of course I will not limit myself to those but those are some ideas I would love to do. I always find introductions awkward like meeting someone you've never seen before. Enough with the social awkwardness, it's time to leave this post. I hope I somehow have made you interested to check back on this blog in the future. I would love to hear some feed back in the comments, have a fantastic week. 


  1. hi -This is lego by the way, my new account name.

  2. Minty, Do you still blog? Please reply soon.

  3. Yey, also I might get a new minecraft server soon. It will have a moving train.